Welcome to Carpenters For Christ of Glen Baptist, Glen St. Mary FL. Our group of Carpenters for Christ was established when our Pastor ask our men’s ministry leader if he would like to look into Carpenters for Christ as something that our men could do for missions.

It is the purpose of Glen Baptist Church (GBC), Glen St. Mary, to love God and to express that love by making, nurturing, and equipping disciples of Jesus Christ in Baker County and throughout the world. As a part of GBC, Glen St. Mary, Carpenters for Christ (C4C) share in this purpose and actively seek to fulfil it. Through local projects and yearly mission trips, members donate their time to assist other Christians in building places to worship God and study His word. The primary focus of C4C, however, is the building of disciples by gazing upward, growing inward, and going outward.

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