After many years of telling of events, the description of what is happening here sounds redundant. I struggle to tell you something new.  You can  read entries from past trips and learn about how we sleep, eat, and travel.  You can read where we have shared the gospel to a variety of types of folks.  You can read of various adventures and funny events that have occured.  There is no reason to repeat those here, you can just click here to read them.

I will tell you the number of people accepting Jesus and changing their eternal destination is greater than you can imagine.  I will tell you that we are accomplishing 3 of our 4 goals.  And, I will tell you that the church of Nicaragua is growing.  There are new faces working with us, and there are old faces taking more of a leadership role.

People often ask:  Why do you have to go to Nicaragua? Why not so the same thing in Northeast Florida?    This question is always asked by someone who has never been, so answering it is difficult.  For folks that have been,  they understand but still struggle to explain.

So, here are my thoughts.   We are here to deliver a message from the bible to people that are interested.   We enjoy spending time and getting to know people…some from Florida,  some from elsewhere.   We are revived, as in “revival”.   Internet access and Facebook have reduced the isolation,  but we are still away from most distractions. We are reminded of how thankful we should be in many ways.

I guess the real answer is there are many ways and many places to serve God.