We are home.

There were over 500 professions of faith this week.    The 32 folks from the States worked with the folks from El Salvador,  to encourage and support the Nicaraguans.

Each of our team members have grown spiritually.

Friday we saw a couple of easter parades while traveling to share a neighborhood near a university,  and that we had never visited.   It was a beautiful evening and many folks responded.  This was followed by the sad good byes.

First to leave around 11:00pm were some folks headed to North Carolina, next the El Salvadorans bus left around 2:30am, we left at 5am, and the final group headed to North Carolina left around 10am.  Pastor Felix  and Pastor Rodrigo are responsible for shuttling everyone to the airport,  so they didn’t get much sleep.

Our travel was uneventful,  and we arrived back in Jacksonville around 4:30pm.

It was a good week.