The first half of our time here was focused on the Los Robles campus.  The remainder of the week, we are helping the Bologina campus.  Pastor Rodriguez and Pastor Felix will spend the next few months leading their church on follow up.   In fact, one of the Nicaragua men told me last night that he had already been calling folks from the first couple of nights.

Eventually, every person will be called for a time to have a visit.  The goal is to begin a weekly bible study.

We talked with a man that had lost his wife a couple of years ago.  He knew a lot about the bible, but was angry with God.  He was not ready to accept Jesus.   He clearly understood the importance, but was honest about not being prepared.   He is struggling and agreed to having a Nicaraguan followup for bible study.   Please pray for Josie.

Another man, Alex, has the appearance of a stereo type drug dealer.   Long white tee shirt, tattoo on his neck, close cropped hair that includes a design, and a bit of bling in his teeth.  As we talked with him, we learned he is 34, spent 4 years in prison,  and is a salesman.   We did not ask what he sold.  While we talked, several of his friends came by…all apparently under the influence of something.

Alex is standing at a crossroad.   He clearly understands he is going to hell, why, and how to change directions.   He “wants” to change, but was not prepared to do so when we talked.  He had several convient opportunities to politely end the conversation,  yet each time he returned to the topic.  Alex also needs your prayer.

I’ve just described a couple of interactions. But following a trip like this the question is always “how many were saved?”   We can answer the number of people that professed faith, but we do not know the number saved.   Neither of the men above professed faith during this encounter.   But both will be contacted and have the opportunity to study Bible, just as  those that did profess faith. The evidence is a changed life.