One of the gentleman from North Carolina was born in 1940, and another in 2003.  This seems to represent the age range of folks here from the States.  Some have been before,  and some are hear for the first time.

I overheard a couple of the teenagers talking.  One commented on how she comes here and experiences this for a week,  but then gets to returns home.  I wanted to ask what “this” is.   Is it the warm air?  Is it the spirtual growth?  Is it seeing how these folks live versus how we live?  Is it the multiple cultures working together?  Is it the interest folks here have in spiritual matters?  Is it the afternoon siesta?    Is it the sights, sounds, and smells?

The devotion this morning was on Genesis 14 and explained so clearly.  You can go read it, but I doubt you will understand as we now do.     But for me, verse 21 sums up the whole thing: “give me the souls and you keep the stuff.”   Stuff is not the problem… “thyself” is the problem.   Abraham was extremely wealthy with lots of stuff.   But he is an example of faith and trusting God.  Lot is an example of someone with an eye towards “thyself”.

It makes me think about whether I am doing “God” things or “Self” things.