The normal lunch is at the food court.  Recognizable fast food places, along with some that are familiar to Central Americans is the norm.   There is variety, easy ordering, and the ability to handle the infux of folks all at once.  The automated cash registers make accepting dollars easy, so this is a good solution for lunch.

Yesterday for lunch, three of us expanded our lunch options.  We chose to eat at the deli in grocery store.   Now “deli” probably gives you a different image than what is here.  This is a local “restaurant”, that only takes local money, only speaks Spanish,  and the small seating area ensures you will interact with others.  The food is good and cheap…two large grilled chicken breast with the wing, two french fries,  two handfuls of banana chips, and 2 16oz cokes cost just under $8.  Of course, we were the only pink skins in this area.

Across from us was Nicaraguan named DeeDee. He spoke good english, although his wife only spanish.  He is studying to be a pastor, and works at an orphanage/school.   He is very interested in having someone come share the gospel at the school.   We will make the connection with Pastor Rodrigo.   Maybe in August, we will go there.