Listening to our folks describe gospel sharing episodes continues to be enjoyable.  Sometimes it is with a group of teenagers,  sometimes it is with an elderly person, sometimes an individual  about their age.  They describe the person and much of the conversation.  They will remember this encounter for a long time.

Except they do not.  There are so many of these episodes, that names, faces, what was said, who was around…. it all starts running together.  You can remember the last couple, but the earlier encounters all becomes a blurr.

But it never gets old hearing and watching them tell how folks have responded.   Ocassionally there will be a situation that is truely amazing.   When that occurs, it remains in focus and the story is told multiple times.  Those do not get old,  either.  

We have had something brand spanking new occur.   Not to our folks, but to others here with us.  Three of the men are runners.   So after a few days of traveling they are feeling the need to run.

Yesterday morning they left for a run to the lake and back.  It is a run that has been done multiple times before.   There have been dogs that have barked, but little more.   This time a pack of dogs confronted them.  The details are unclear,  but all three were bitten.

They were taken to the local medical facility, and the wounds were cleaned.  They were given antibotics, but no rabies vaccine.   The remainder of their day was spent acquiring the vaccine.   Apparently,  each clinic has a single dose.  At some point, a call to the “director at the embassy” was made and the problem was solved.

All three men are fine.  As a precaution, they will get a second shot on Friday, and then a couple more after they return home.